On the Spelling of Foodnames

Is it atsara or acharaBiskotso or biscochoPansit or pancit?  RelyenoEstopado?  TsikoIMHO (in my humble opinion), we should just use the original words for most food names.  Being too purist with spellings make for awkward expression, especially in writing.

Language is constantly evolving; there’s no stopping the adoption of easier ways of communicating.  I used to object to nandun for nandoon, or sayo for sa iyo, but now I just let them slide.  Text messaging, especially, has worsened the situation.  Kamusta is now mustaSalamat has been abbreviated into slmt,  And so on.

In our niche topic of food names, shortening words has been happening for a long time, in case you didn’t notice.  Here are a few examples:  Piniritong kamote is now pritong kamote.  You might see adobong kangkong listed on a menu as kangkong adobo.  How about the old banana barbecue, now shortened to banana cue, or even banana-q?

Are you strict about Filipino spelling of food names, or are open to adopting the popular ways of presenting the words?  Your opinions are welcome.