I Want To Be a Pescetarian

Some people will not eat fish.

They say it’s too much work picking those tiny bones.  Well, there are fleshy fish that come in tinik-free slices.  There are also fish that are big enough to let the eater avoid the bones.

Others object to the smell of fish.  Well, maybe their past experience included eating fish that was past its prime… You know, bilasa.

And then there are those who take pride in being meat-eaters, as if this distinction gives them a higher rung in the social ladder.

If you ask me, I’d rather eat fish than any other protein source.  A pescetarian is one who eats seafood and not any other source of meat.  I’m not there yet, but i know that it’s possible.  Off the top of my head, these choices give me enough variety:

Tochong bangus
Inihaw na tilapia
Pesang dalag
Ginisang sardinas
Talimusak sa toyo
Maruyang labahita

Pritong hasa-hasa
Ginataang biya
Inihaw na tanigue
Sinigang na bangus
Binusang dilis at sawsawan

Sarsyadong dalangang bukid
Burong hito na ginisa sa bawang at kamatis

Pinangat na salmon
Pritong lapu-lapu
Binusang danggit
Tinapang galunggong
Tilapia sa gata
Relyenong bangus
Adobong pusit
Halabos na hipon
Nilagang alimasag
Inihaw na talaba
Pesang tulya
Inihaw na tahong

See, there are so many choices!  Considering that the Philippines has the fifth longest coastline in the world* due to the islands nature of the country, it’s easy to stay away from “meat which comes from animals that walk or fly.”  It’s easy to be a pescetarian!

You can be a pescetarian, too.  Do you have any favorite seafood dishes to add to my list?


* Number one is Canada, followed by Indonesia, Greenland, and Russia.


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