Some people consider the idea of eating chicken feet revolting: those toenails, those hard scales !
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I’d say that those folks only need some “education,” so that with a bit of acquired taste they can enjoy this flavorful, chewy concoction called Adidas by street vendors in Manila.  To make the idea more acceptable, let me add that the chicken feet are first cleaned and boiled so that the scales and the talons can be easily removed.

Now, tickle your taste buds by imagining the way a mixture of calamansi juice, assorted spices, and brown sugar — by then caramelized — hit your tongue as you bite into one of three chicken feet, previously marinated and coal-fired right before your eyes.  Calamansi, by the way, is a citrus indigenous to the Philippines; it is similar to Mexican lime, but has a unique sourness to it.

Chicken feet as food is not unique to the Philippines; they are also featured in the cuisines of other Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. Some nations in the Carribean, South America, and the Middle East also use them in their dishes. And if you browse a few travel blogs, you will see that some Asian restaurants are getting a toehold (my pun!) in European countries and popularizing chicken feet appetizers.

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Barbequed chicken feet make for a quick flavorful snack.

And why is it called Adidas by food vendors in Metro Manila?  Well, look at the three stripes on the side of the famed athletic shoes.  They correspond to the three “fingers” on the chicken feet, hah-ha-ha!




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