B’fast of Baked KAMOTE

I feel pretty good about my first meal today.  It had healthy components, it was easy to cook, and it was filling!

We’ve long been told that breakfast should be the healthiest meal of the day.  We’re breaking a fast of something like 7-8 hours, and so we need calorie-rich food items.

I’m proud to say that I met those requirements this morning when I cooked a six-inch piece of sweet potato in the microwave oven for four minutes, two on each side. I cut the tuber open and dabbed a thin layer of butter on top of both slices.  Paired that with a hard-boiled egg, and downed the meal with a cool glass of lemonade with honey.
sweet potatoes isolated

Sweet potatoes come cheap, especially if you buy them from an Asian store.  My choice was the white variety for its potato-like texture; passed on the red-skinned, orange-fleshed sweet potato because I find the texture sticky.  The two pieces I got for 69 cents meant that the starch component of my breakfast cost an average of 35 cents each.  These will go into two meals: the second piece could be an afternoon snack, or breakfast another morning.

The egg set me back 30 cents, because it was brown organic from free-range chickens.

Finally, there’s my drink from two (free) fresh-picked Meyer lemons, strained, sweetened with honey, the tall glass filled with lavender-infused water and some ice.  I pick lavs from my yard shortly after sunrise; water is from the kitchen tap.  Now I’m ready to do more gardening!
Lavender Lemonade
For nutritional information, you could go to:

Or, you could read from another site of your choice.


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