Good day, and welcome to AtoZfoodnames!

My name is Perla, and I’m verrry interested in etymology.  The whys and wherefores of words, specifically of food names, have always intrigued me.  Why is that yucky vegetable called amargoso (bittermelon)?  How is binatog (hominy) prepared?  Is chicharon (cracklings) found in other cultures, and what are they called?  Et cetera.

In this blog, I will discuss relevant terms from Philippine cuisine, as well as those from elsewhere.  It’s my hope that you, too, share my interest on the origins of food names.  Sometimes, when I’m unable to find definite information on a topic, I present a probable explanation.  You’re most welcome to write in your own theory.  By sharing information, we might help increase our knowledge of this interesting subject.


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